I finally got so fed up, I decided to build it myself! 

"At last, fill in the blanks, click a button, and be reminded of every aspect of your Affiliate and Internet Business"

Now you can quickly access all your business information, be notified of important events, and never miss a deadline -- even if you barely know what day of the week it is..


What Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardner Had To Say.

"I am impressed by the amount of detail covered"

Rosalind Gardner is author of
 " The Super Affiliates Handbook" 

Rosalind Gardner
BC, Canada

Hi Jon,

I'm fairly anal about keeping my business, and almost all aspects of my life, well-organized.

I use the term 'life' because life is comprised of, and measured by, time.

Nothing is more precious than time and making each of your moments count. Spending time on trivial matters like looking for keys when you could be having fun with friends and family, helping others through your business, saving the planet, or even taking a nap - is a waste of time.

Likewise, looking for a merchant's affiliate interface login and password when you want to install one of their links on your site, is a waste of time. Scrap that... it's a waste of time to have to look for the link itself.

All the details relating to your affiliate marketing business need to be at right at your fingertips. Staying organized sure beats the heck out of wasting five minutes trying to find the email with that merchant's affiliate  program login information just so you can find your affiliate links.

Thanks to your help! The software was extremely easy to install and an icon appears in the bottom right-hand corner (the system tray) of your desktop making it really simple to access.

'Affiliate Organizer' allows you to store all your most important information from your day-to-day business.

Everything is simple to use. Just fill in the blanks and save.. it couldn't be much easier.. so a real thumbs up regarding how user friendly it is.

The tasks/alerts and advertising section I find is a real life saver.

I can setup any upcoming events in the tasks/alerts section and it will notify me both by email and on-screen. How cool is that?!

Everything can also be backed up and restored at the click of a button! So, no more lost data, which is a major relief for me... and anyone else who's ever lost data before. :=)

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of detail that has been covered. Jon you have covered all the bases with 'Affiliate Organizer'. I can't think of a thing that needs
to be added or changed.

Whether you do affiliate marketing or just want to keep track of the important aspects of your online business... I HIGHLY recommend you check out 'Affiliate Organizer'.


Rosalind Gardner
Webvista Incorporated
"The Super Affiliate Handbook"



From: Jon Mills
Belleville, Ontario
Monday,  11:42 a.m

Dear Internet Friend,


et's face it, keeping track of every thing to do with your online business is tough!

There's no doubt, it's probably the most difficult task that any marketer faces as his business grows. Too often its overwhelming, tedious and even if you think you have a memory that's razor sharp and

good organizational skills.. there are always things that slip through the cracks and are hard to manage.

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without having every detail of your business  easily accessible and backed up. WRONG! Just take a look at the way they run their business and judge for yourself. The 1 computer they never backup and the messy filing cabinets are an instant giveaway.

However, the big problem is most of the information, events, projects, ideas and fine details we have to keep track of in our day to day business amounts to a ton of numbers, dates, urls, passwords that even the savviest marketer has a job remembering and easily accessing. Also as the internet changes much of our information changes with it.

You see..  I have lots of websites registered by different registrars, hosted on different servers, with various usernames, passwords, ftp addresses, dns settings, support numbers and email addresses.

 Not to mention all the advertising campaigns I am running, keyword lists I have spent countless hours creating, software I have purchased, unlock codes, private forums, membership sites and outsourced work that's in progress. 

To make matters worse...on top of that you have contact information, tele seminars you dont want miss, deadlines, blogs, affiliate links, articles, merchants and payout rates.. You practically have to be a friggin whiz at memorizing and organizing.. or your screwed.

Sound at all familiar?

The results of having information scattered here and there, no easy access to it or the in-ability to be reminded of upcoming events, deadlines and things you need to work on..results in a business that runs You and is not likely to last!

But now there's good news!...My problem is your opportunity.. 

Here is What Super Affiliate James Martell Had To Say.

"I use Your Software Daily"

James Martell is the successful author of
 " The Affiliate Marketers Handbook" 

James & Arlene Martell
Vancouver, BC

Hi Jon,

James Martell here.

As a successful affiliate marketer and author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook I learned very early on the importance of *properly recording* all the usernames, passwords, control panels, hosting companies, domain name registrars, software serial numbers, etc. provided to me by the various companies so that I could *find this important information when I needed it*
Getting and staying organized can be a daunting task, however I could see that it was important if I wanted to succeed with affiliate programs, ...so I had to figure out a way. I did, and then dedicated the first chapter of my training manual to the subject and titled it: "How To Get And Stay Organized".

It's that important.

Now, six years into my affiliate business you come along with the Affiliate Organizer and make it easy for me to stay organized with my affiliate business by putting *everything in one place*. I now use your software daily and recommend it highly to anyone wanting to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It's very, very good.

Warm regards,
James Martell
Net Guides Publishing Inc.

Affiliate Marketers Handbook - How To Succeed With Affiliate Programs




Gary Huynh


Where Have you been all this time?

Gary, works full time online as an Internet Marketer and has achieved a great deal of success from his online business. He is the publisher of Marketing Blitz Journal a Newsletter dedicated to helping people succeed at internet Marketing.


       Here is What Gary Huynh Had To Say

Hi Jon,
I have been thoroughly using your software for the past week and my conclusion is...where have you been all this time? This is a godsend to me because it helps me to save an immense amount of time. I no longer have to dig through my computer just
to find that one file I downloaded or search through my emails to find the pass code to that one membership site I joined. Honestly, I could not find one thing which is lacking
in your software to help me save time. You've included more than enough features to make a time sensitive guy grin from ear to ear. The best feature is the automatic task notifier which lets me know when I need to check on something. It works like a charm!
Thanks and keep pumping out useful software.
Gary Huynh

Here is What John Taylor Had To Say

Hi Jon,

Affiliate Organizer is a superb solution for a common problem. You have made it so much easier to manage my online business! Having all my business critical information in one place will save me hours and hours of valuable time - time I can use to profit rather than waste on unnecessary searching for important data.

Take care

John Taylor
21 George Street, Langholm, Dumfriesshire,
United Kingdom


  How and why I created this software
 and how it will help your business

Time after time I found myself fumbling around searching for information.. whether that was unlock codes for software I had purchased, affiliate merchant contact details, 2 tier affiliate links, adsense tracking code, autoresponder html code...whatever.. it was a pain in the ass to go digging through my folders and files either on my computer, backup CDs or filing cabinet to then realize that I may not have even saved any of it.

It felt like I had gone to Hades and back hunting some of these things down.

Also having a memory like a spaghetti strainer... In fact, I found palm pilots, calendars absolutely useless because for them to be any good you have to remember to look at them!.. that's how bad I was

So I decided to create a  fill in the blanks software that literally HOLDS all your affiliate and Internet details.

Think about this.. If you work online.. probably more than anything else you are in front of your monitor, checking your email or working on a new project.. so wouldn't it make sense to have something that shows up in your mailbox or on your screen reminding you? ...I mean your already in front of it.

So.. Imagine having.. a powerful piece of software that lets you store every aspect of your online business gives you the ability to backup and restore in an instant so you never lose all that vital information and reminds your like a virtual assistant of every important event — and all at the click of a mouse!

Everything is easily accessible in the bottom right hand corner of your computer, in fact the only time you have to access and look at the software is when you add, modify or delete an entry.

Did you ever think you couldn't cope without your calendar or your palm pilot?

Well... Now you CAN!


Affiliate Organizer Version 2.0

The Internet's Most Powerful

Affiliate Organizer v 2.0  literally handles all your affiliate and internet business details. So you can stay on top and have a business that runs instead instead of running you!.

Time is Money, Money is time!

Not only does it streamline your business, but it does so much more!

A Few Examples Of What You'll Get..

Save up to unlimited amounts of information about your affiliate and internet business -- without ANY technical know-how!
Easy fill in the blank and save with just a few clicks!
Keep track of all Your Hosting details Everything from Urls, DNS Numbers, Ftp information, User and Passwords associated, Bandwidth and Space, Start and End Date, Payment methods, Support information
Manage your Websites-- with ease. View each one and its associated web host, FTP address, user and passwords, Start and End Date, Industry, merchants you have added, PPC running, reciprocal links, support email and phone numbers.
Quick access to "Affiliate Merchants" the company, managers name, industry, join date, payment date, merchants keyword lists, affiliate links, 2 tier affiliate links, commission rates, stats login URLl, user and passwords, top selling product list, payment method and ROI quick calculator
Manage an unlimited number of Outsourced Projects, and avoid confusion over what's in progress and what is completed. This includes keeping track of Where your outsourcing, user and passwords, coders name and email, project description, what site its for, total articles, cost, keyword list path, project completed path, quick access to keywords, Start and Finish date with Alert Notification System, phone and email support and more..
One of the most Powerful Features of AO is the ability to Send yourself On screen "Tasks/Alert" messages for one time or recycling events -- automatically. Ability to set up a task and private message, assign it to a date and time, when notification should begin, whether it should repeat and how often. Options of email notification and on screen sound alerts. - Never forget another tele-seminar, deadline or anything! Email to Home or Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail.. any!
Manage your "Keyword lists" -- Massive time saver -- Paste in your keywords lists, have a clear path to your keywords, assign keywords to a site, project or articles. Click off what ones you have used per project and know how many remain. Great for knowing what keywords you haven't used for articles or advertising campaigns.
View all your "Domain Registrars" and instantly know which sites are registered on what domain. Logins and Passwords, support information and total urls.
Stay on top of Projects and Ideas -- Got an idea? or a project?, provide name, know if its started or not completed, Assign a start and finish date using the Alert Notification System. Provide description, Action lists and comments.
11. Set and Forget - Year Plan -- Set everything up for the year ahead, the year after and so on.. Attach the Alert Notifcation System to any date, time and event and never have to go back in again to check on  what you have to do.. You will be alerted onscreen and via email.
12. Keep track of All Software Purchased -- Never lose any information on software you have bought. Store the name of the software, its unlock codes, receipt, purchase date, download url, email and phone support, login and passwords.
13. Manage your Contacts Save all your Contact information -- This includes, name, company, address, city, state, zip, home and work phone numbers, cell phone and fax numbers, email and additional comments.
14. Keep track all Services Your Business Uses This may include, Autoresponders, Pay Per Click Advertising, Shopping carts, Site Build it Services, Ezine information, usernames, passwords, login urls, cost, payment methods and dates of payment.
Backup and Restore -- instantly -- and never lose your most valuable business details again.
16. Add Your Own Folders/Categories - Basically Keep track of whatever you want with your online business. ( New in 2.0 )
17. Add Subcategories to your existing Folders, to Group things together
 ( New in 2.0)
18. Protect your data with Password Protection upon Launch - Now no one can access your data even if they stole your computer. You name your password.
( New in 2.0 )

... and that's just the beginning!

Within seconds find out ...

  • Forums

  • Stay on top of all forums, URLS, login and passwords

  • Adsense

  • keep track of all your adsense accounts, usernames and passwords, adsense codes, adsense tracking codes and urls to login.

  • Memberships

  • Names, URL, Username, Passwords, Join and Finish Date, Cost and payment plus support

  • Link Partner Manager Reminder

  • Know the last time you did link partner searches and approvals on any of your sites, setup the Alert Notification to be made aware of when and where your attention is needed

  • Blog Manager

  • Keep track of all your blogs and associated myyahoo accounts, logins and passwords plus site feeds.

  • Training/Seminars

  • Stay on top of tele-seminars, dates and times, locations, phone numbers, access codes, site URLS, contact names and email addresses. Even setup assign Alert Notification

  • Favorite Resources

  • Never lose your favourite online resources through a system crash or format again, keep track of the Name, URL, Email, Category, and type of resource.

  • Autoresponder Manager

  • Keep tabs on where and which sites your autoresponder email series are oprerating on, get easy access to Web Form HTML code, URLS, logins and passwords.

  • Drag and Drop Folders

  • Sort Table Columns by Alphabetical Order

  • Arrange the order of your columns

  • Simple Search Feature

  • Print Your Records

  • Always on top Feature

  • Hidden Password Toggle

  • Minimized at startup

  • Starts with your computer

  • Quick Access Calculator

  • Text and Video Guide

  • And Much much more..

JUST A FEW Affiliate Organizer Screenshots..
Way to many to list on one page.





... And that's just a small 'taste' of what's in store for you.


       Here is What Melvin NG Had To Say

Hi Jon,

What an awesome tool! The time it's saving me in terms of searching for info and keeping track of all my records (login, passwords, purchases, hosting, etc) is definitely worth much much more than what I paid for this tool. A sincere thanks for making this tool available, and affordable too. Keep up the great work!

Melvin Ng


Here is What Stan Had To Say

Hi Jon

Until now, my desktop and various other computer storage areas were a constant mess and I could never quickly find that file or piece of information that I needed right then.  Affiliate Organizer is easy to use, clean, intuitive and stores all of the info you need to find. 

My business revolves around the computer screen so owning your software, with all its super time-saving features, has definitely made my life less stressful.  Plus, the Tasks/Alerts function is worth the price by itself.  Thanks for sharing a great product, Jon, and I look forward to what you have in store for version 2.0

Stan Allen

Cheapest Domain Names


Watch the Quick Start Video Guide Here

As you can see Affiliate Organizer allows you to..

Focus on the Most Important Parts of Your Business
Instead of spending it Searching Frantically through and
 Overwhelming Stack of Folders and Files.

Affiliate Marketers, you no longer have to wonder where your affiliate links are, who your affiliate manager is and how to contact him, what websites you have started and completed, what domains are just sitting dormant. What articles you have left to write, what keywords you have used on a site and what you haven't, what projects you have on the go through Elance or Rentacoder and what's completed.

You no longer have to worry about missing another Conference Call as the notification alert will remind you ahead of time and leading up to the event. YOU also never need to forget any of your personal offline events and meetings due to be so busy and distracted by your online business. ( how many of us forget birthdays, anniversaries, oil changes, dentist appointments, lunch appointments and so forth. ..)

Everything is in one place with simple backup and restore features to make saving your entire business history a cinch! It's like having your own personal assistant working 24/7 for you!

So, what's the cost for this Incredible Software?

Actually, value is a hard thing to determine sometimes for piece of software. A lot of companies charge based on the amount of research and development that went into creating the product. So while I believe that I need to cover the costs of the software at least.. my desire is to place this into as many hands of people who were like myself who at one time was ... Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Lacking Focus due to the sea of information online and things to keep track off.

However.. I do want you to consider though how much money you have lost by not having this product already just through the hours of wasted time searching for information and trying to remember all the finer details of your online business.

Let's look at it this way.. to have someone manage all your information and provide you with a reminder service for every aspect of your business this year and for years to come would likely tally up to costing you somewhere in the thousands.

So how much would it be worth to you, to save all that money?

Well, I don't know about you, but I would easily pay $200 once to save 5 to 12 times that much each year having some service or employee do it..

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment, if you respond right away, you pay only $97 $67 for this  fill-in-the-blank organizer and reminder software. The time and money you will save as a result of owning this software will cover your meager investment.

A last thought about price: quite frankly, I've had people get this software and immediately tell me I've under-priced it at $67. In fact- originally I was debating raising the price to $97, but I know when I was getting started online had someone cut me some slack when it came to getting tools I needed would have been appreciated. I see it as... “What goes around comes around”... if I help you- life has a strange way of bringing it back around. So, bottom line- this ridiculously LOW price of $67 is not guaranteed forever.  I might stop debating and decide tonight to raise the price, especially with FREE updates on the way

Plus Your get 3 Incredible Bonuses for Fast Action

Original Bonus #1  Success Doctor Michael Fortins Ebook " Manage " Value $47

A Plan for Giving Back the Quality Your Life Deserves - If there is a book worth reading, this would be up their at the top of my list. Its a real down to earth look at what is important when it comes to managing your life! Their are ideas in here that can practically turn your life around.

Original Bonus #2   Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia " Surge To The Top Of The Affiliate Charts" Audio and PDF with Master Resell Rights - Value $97 This is an Awesome MP3

You'll get an audio (MP3) over 22 minutes long where Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia discuss the real "in's and out's" of how he sets goals and and achieves Success. You also get Ewen Chia 6-Step Formula Reveals How One Ordinary Singaporean Guy Thrashed Thousands  Of Competing Affiliates In A Hot Contest To Clinch The Coveted Number ONE Title…And He Did It By Selling $54,835 Worth Of High-Ticket Items At $997 Per Pop In Just 72 Hours!

Orginal Bonus #3   Dave Lakhani of Bold Apprach " Creating Your life Vision PDF
Value $29

4 Requirements to Manifesting anything in your life or business. This has some powefuly effective simple methods for seeing things come to pass in your life. It cover many of the questions you should ask yourself before launching out into anything.

That's Over $170 worth in Bonuses

And You Should Know This...

When you pick up your copy today, you'll also get FREE Upgrades... A $67.00 dollar value that repeats itself time and time again!

This means your copy of Affiliate Organizer won't become outdated and obsolete.  Instead, you get all of the latest features, usability improvements, and other advancements to make sure you never lose your investment! I use this in my business everyday..

Plus To Make Your Purchase Completely Risk-FREE You Get My Personal 60 Days , 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident you're going to love the results you get with Affiliate Organizer... When you order TODAY, you get an ironclad, 100%, 60 Days money-back guarantee!  This means you get to take Affiliate Organizer for a risk-FREE test-run!... Because if it doesn't help your business function even 10% better, than before then you get ALL of your investment handed back to you!  You've got nothing to lose...

Works Now with Windows Vista and Windows 7!

Click Below To Order Right Now!


Click Here To Order Now

Get Your Copy Of "Affiliate Organizer" 
Now For Only $67

You can download it right away, and begin Organizing your Business within 10 minutes... even if it's 2:00 a.m.!


Jon Mills
Direct Response Publishing

Just think! You'll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to fumble through papers or folders for URLS, codes, affiliate links, hosting details, websites, DNS...  Or having to wade through cabinets of overwhelming amounts of information that keeps changing . You can get everything all done for you, practically handed to you on a silver platter. You simple fill in the blank with your information, set it and forget it!


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